Oct 30, 2013

Oct 30, 2013
New Flash: Wearing a 'tutu' to work is no longer socially unacceptable!
For your coffee, at least...

Starbucks and Stacey Bendet, founder and designer of Alice + Olivia, have teamed up for an unBEARably chic limited-edition holiday collection. The two-item collection features the Double Wall Ceramic 'Tutu' Tumbler and 'Bearista' Bear, pictured above. 

Bendet told Starbucks that her inspiration for this unBEARably chic collection was, “A dancing alice + olivia bear! Properly caffeinated. As for the tumbler, it is our signature stripe on a signature tutu. It’s your holiday mug – all dressed up!”

The collection will be available at StarbucksStore.com on November 1st, and in stores beginning November 12th. Both items are priced at $19.95.



  1. I WANT that tumbler!!!! AHH!

  2. OMG STOP!!!!!!! haha so cute. I want the Bearista!! xo

  3. NOPE. I can't. I need the stripey tutu mug now.

    xx, Brenna

  4. A mug wearing a tutu! How can I resist that!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower