Mar 19, 2014

Mar 19, 2014

This past Sunday, I had the honor of attending an intimate blogger brunch for Emily & Ashley, hosted by the beautiful Staci of Leather & Leops. The sister design duo, Emily & Ashley, shared their 3 jewelry lines - Greenbeads by Emily & Ashley (their costume jewelry line), Emily & Ashley Collection (their fine jewelry line) & Emily & Ashley Silver (their QVC line).  And not only did I fall in love with their jewelry, but I fell in love with their inspiring story. Emily & Ashley never sought out to become jewelry designers. Their vision came to them when mending a broken beaded bracelet of Emily's with a pair of pliers. They realized their hidden talent for jewelry and soon after Greenbeads by Emily & Ashley was born. The rest is history. 

Their lines are inspired by the vintage images they have of their grandmother and the use of color and fabric they have inherited form their mother, an interior designer. I was most blown away by their fine jewelry line Emily & Ashley - shocker! I fell head over heels in love with a diamond encrusted, ruby elephant bangle (pictured below). Another favorite of the collection is that their detachable mix & match earrings! You have the option to take their dramatic earrings apart and make them more casual, or mix & match them with other pieces of their collection. Beyond brilliant, if you ask me. 

I had such a wonderful time meeting Emily & Ashley, as well as spending time with both great friends and new friends. Thank you to the Emily & Ashley team & Staci, of course, for hosting such a lovely brunch!

From left to right: Nikki of Style Me Nikki, Amanda of Fashionable Hostess,  Katie of Katie's Bliss, Jen of Skirt The Rules,  Sara of Fashinny,  Lauren of The Girls of Lincoln Park, Sabrina of Stylophyle, Alex of Emily & Ashley, Moi, Emily of Emily & Ashley, Ashley of Emily & Ashley, Julie of Born and Bread)
Design duo, Emily & Ashley.
Emily & Ashley Silver for QVC
Emily & Ashley Collection, Moon Stone Earrings
Emily & Ashley Collection, Charms & Bracelets
Emily & Ashley Collection, Diamond & Ruby Elephant Bangle
With my boos Staci of Leather&Leops & Lauren of Girls of Lincoln Park
More brunch photos after the jump!

Photos: Paul Acquasanta