Jul 21, 2014

Jul 21, 2014

Topshop Printed T-Shirt Dress  |  Vintage Early Jeans Denim Jacket (similar) |  Accessory Concierge Bib Necklace  Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals  |  Zara Perforated Mini Shopper  |  Zara Aviator Sunnies (similar)  |  Essie Strut Your Stuff Nail Polish  |  Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Open Secret

The t-shirt dress is the perfect style dress to wear during pregnancy. And trust me, I've been taking full advantage of them throughout mine. This little number is a Topshop Nordstrom exclusive that I found at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I couldn't help but fall in love with its abstract herringbone pattern. It's currently on sale for $48.90 (from $76). Not too shabby, considering I will 100% be wearing it after pregnancy. I love breaking up the look of a t-shirt dress with denim jackets & vests. For this look in particular, I opted for a vintage denim jacket (similar style here). I capped off with some of my favorite everyday accessories - a statement bib necklace, classic pair of aviators, lightweight shopper & of course, my favorite pair of Birks.


P.S. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially open to the public. The sale ends August 4th, so hurry and snag a few things up while you can. You can shop some of my sale favorites below. 

Jul 18, 2014

Jul 18, 2014

Meet my summer boyfriends! I met these cuties a couple weeks back & haven't been able to keep my paws off of them since. I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious. I mean, nothing screams summer denim like a great pair of boyfriend jeans. Am I right? And Current/Elliott certainly hit it out of the park with these babies. The dark wash combined with their slim fit & distressed knee details make for a chic, flattering look that can easily take you from day to night. For this look, I opted for a form fitting theory tank top to counterbalance the relaxed look of the jeans. To finish it off, I paired it with my new Calypso St. Barth cardigan that I found for $29 at their sample sale. Yes, $29! (See sample sale details below). You experience a lot of discomfort late in pregnancy, so comfortable shoes are a must! Enter my Cambiami sandals! If you are unfamiliar with Cambiami, I suggest you read this. They will change your life! 


And now for the sample sale details...

The Calypso St. Barth sample sale is going on through Sunday, July 20th. And trust me, it's totally worth it! There is nothing over $79. Sale details below.

Jul 17, 2014

Jul 17, 2014

My obsession with Summer Slides continues!

Considering I am not longer able to buckle my own shoes, the slip-on kicks trend could not have come back at a better time. Oh the joys of pregnancy!

Below are my favorite Summer Slides from all over the inter-webs. 

Jul 16, 2014

Jul 16, 2014

It's so crazy to think just how quickly these 9+ months have gone by. Come Friday I will be 37 weeks, which means Baby Hutts is just about cooked. Holy moly! I certainly consider myself lucky in the fact that I've had a relatively easy pregnancy - up until about last month. I am currently working from home on my couch with my feet propped up. Sounds glamorous, right? Apparently even the best pregnancies can be unbearably uncomfortable towards the end. 

With my due date just around the corner, I figure now is the perfect time for me to share all of the pregnancy essentials I have discovered along the way. Whether you are pregnant right now or hoping to be soon, I hope you find this list of pregnancy essentials helpful in your incredible journey to motherhood.  


one // Pink Stitch Resort Maxi Dress
Maxi dresses are an absolute must during pregnancy. This Pink Stitch Resort Maxi, in particular, has been my saving grace throughout my entire pregnancy! I purchased a couple in my pre-pregnancy size, assuming I may need to buy a few larger sizes down the road. Well, I am currently 9+ months pregnant, and I have yet to go up a size in the dress. I swear, this dress has magic powers. It comes in an assortment of colors, as well as a couple of patterns . I recently saw that they came out with a short version of the dress too. And the best part, you will totally wear it after baby!

two // Comfortable Shoes
If you are a shoe whore like myself, the words comfortable & shoes can sound like a depressing combination. Here is the bottom line, if you can't see your feet, you shouldn't be wearing complicated shoes. Put the heels and wedges away! I've been opting for ballet flats and sandals as of late. Especially sandals that are easy to put on yourself. Unfortunately, when you get to the point that you can't see your own feet, you usually can't buckle your own shoes either. My husband has been an absolute gem in the shoe fastening department. Unfortunately, he's not always around to assist in my shoe troubles. I find that Tieks (less expensive option) and Birkenstocks really do the trick. Side note: Look for shoes with a cushioned insteps & arch support.

three // Amazon Kindle
Let's be honest, nobody wants to be shlepping heavy books around with them. Especially when you're already shlepping a growing human 24/7. Do yourself a favor, if you don't already have one, get a Kindle. Most baby books are available in Kindle version. Plus, when you get closer to your due date, you will have a lot of time off  of your feet. It's the perfect opportunity to dive into a good book. I have personally opted against doing much baby reading for my own sanity, so my Kindle is flooded with summer reading. Next up on my reading list, The Vacationers.

four // Ingrid & Isabel Seamless Camisole Maternity Bra
I swear, I almost set fire to all of my bras around the 4.5 month mark. I've never been more uncomfortable in my life. After searching endlessly for a comfortable bra without a clasp or underwire, I discovered this Ingrid & Isabel Seamless Camisole Maternity Bra. It's a one size fit from baby to belly.

five // Lipstick Queen Endless Summer
On days when I am feeling anything but cute, I find lipstick makes a huge difference. Throughout pregnancy your lips can feel extremely dry, so it's important to find a lipstick that's full of moisture. I really love Lipstick Queens Endless Summer collection for that exact reason. Not only are the colors fabulous, but its formula is packed with moisturizing components (natural oils, Candelilla Wax and Vitamin E), as well as SPF. Hang Ten & Perfect Wave are my two faves!

six // Blanqi 'High Performance' Maternity Belly Lift & Support Leggings
I have yet to try these, Blanqi 'High Performance' Maternity Belly Lift & Support Leggings, but I am dying to get my hands on a pair! I've heard some pretty amazing things. Unlike other maternity leggings, these have a built in belly lift & support band. Pure genius! I am kind of sad I didn't hear about these babies earlier in my pregnancy. They would have really come in handy with all of the back pain I've experience along the way.

seven // Manicures & Pedicures
Sometimes it's the little things, like manicures & pedicures, that really help get you through the toughest points of pregnancy. It's the perfect excuse to take some time to yourself  to just relax and feel pampered. I look forward to my weekly manicures & bi-weekly pedicures. It's important to note that you should online be using 3 Free nail polish (DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene free) during pregnancy. Below are some of my favorite colors from 3 Free brands.

eight // Tennis Balls
I know this one might sound strange, but I swear it will change your life. While I've been extremely fortunate to have a relatively easy pregnancy, I did not fair so well in the back department. Half way through my first trimester, I started suffering from a mix of sciatica & muscle spasms. No bueno! Shortly after starting physical therapy at 13 weeks, my therapist introduced me to my best friend - the tennis ball! It's perfect for when you are sitting at a desk all day. I wedge the tennis ball between my back and my desk chair. Once in position, I move up and down & side to side using it as a massager. It's the perfect size & firmness to hit all of your problem areas. I never leave home without one!

nine // BKR Water Bottles
Pregnancy has made me way more cognizant of the importance of keeping hydrated, as well as the harmful toxins in plastics. Thankfully, I discovered BKR water bottles early on in my pregnancy. It's great because it's made of glass,- meaning no harmful toxins- and dressed in a silicone sleeve. It's equipped with a small opening for no spill sipping, as well as a handy carrying loop for easy portability. And can we talk about how cute it is? It comes in a ton of colors. I have the Jet Heart bottle and take it everywhere with me! Pregnant or not, this water bottle is a major necessity. Check out myBRK for more info.

ten // Comfortable Underwear
It's no secret that your body goes through some funky ass changes. Let's face it, your ass does not stay the same size. The least you could do is wear some comfortable underwear while everything is changing and stretching. I've become obsessed with Calvin Klein underwear - specifically the Calvin Klein Invisible Hipsters. They are extremely affordable and long lasting.

eleven // Lightweight Tote
I've had to swap a lot of my heavier structured bags for lightweight totes due to pregnancy back pain. Luckily, there are tons of cute options right now. Like this adorable Deux Lux Heart Tote!

twelve // Maternity Jeans
Maternity Jeans are seriously the best invention since sliced bread! Pregnant or not, everyone should own a pair. I typically go for jeans with full panel for the most comfort. Yes, I realize the J.Crew Maternity Toothpick Jeans (pictured) have elastic panels at the hip, but I just love them in non-maternity. My personal favorites right now are the new Current/Elliott Boyfriend Maternity Jeans & the Pea in a Pod Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans. Unless I am going out at night, I typically go for boyfriend jeans during the summer. It's just way too hot to be wearing skinnies these days. Here are some of my other maternity jean favorites.

thirteen // Graphic Tees
It's important to have fun with your maternity wardrobe. One great way to do that is with a fun graphic tees! Not only are they comfortable, but it's a great way to show off your sense of humor. My favorite tees are the ones that you typically wouldn't pair with a baby bump. Some may even be labeled as inappropriate, but hey... Gotta get your kicks somewhere, right?

fourteen // Maternity Jean Shorts
Not everyone is in to wearing dresses during their pregnancy. A great alternative, that will keep you just as cool through the summer months, are maternity jean shorts. Most brands that make maternity jeans, do shots as well. I've been living in graphic tees & shorts these days. Here are some of my maternity jean short favorites.

fifteen // Pregnancy Pillow
The further along you are in your pregnancy the less sleep you actually get. It's very rare that I get a good nights sleep these days. Some say it's your body preparing you for the sleepless nights you will soon encounter with your little one. Personally, I think it's fucked up. Wouldn't you think your body would want you to get as much sleep as humanly possible to make up for all the sleep you will soon lose? While I may not be sleeping through the night, at least I have my pregnancy pillow for support. No offense to my husband, but my pregnancy pillow is the ultimate cuddle buddy! I don't know what I would do without it. There are tons of different options out there (a few can be seen below). My favorites are The Snoogle & The Bump Nest.

sixteen // Healthy Snacks
Healthy snacks are essential throughout your pregnancy. I recently discovered Nourish Snacks, a subscription-based snack line. For $12.50 a week, you'll get a box of five snack blends delivered to your door. They have so many unique blends guaranteed to satisfy even the most sophisticated palette. Their bleds are a mixture of dried nuts, veggies & fruits - all less than 200 calories. Some of my favorites include Cashew Colada (chewy pineapple, coconut & roasted cashews), Ménage a Mix (a combo of corn, dried chickpeas & edamame), Mind Your Ps & BBQs (BBQ roasted chickpeas) & Figgin' Fabulous (roasted pistachios & figs). How cute are the names? Click here for the complete list of blends & flavors. Interested in receiving Nourish Snacks? Here is how you can get started

seventeen // Moisturizer
During pregnancy you experience some major hormone changes. This can affect your skin in a number of ways - think dryness, stretch marks & skin spots. So much fun, right? My one word of advice is MOISTURIZE EVERYWHERE! My two favorite moisturizers are Johnson's Baby Oil Shea & Cocoa Butter & Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Calming Facial Lotion. I use both of these morning & night and feel that it's really helped to keep my skin under control.